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We'd be less than honest if we said that we didn't want you to read whatever we have written first & foremost, whether it be our daily devotionals, newsletter, our articles in books, magazines & periodicals or our own books.  In all honesty, though, we realize there are many, many outstanding writers whose writings challenge, comfort, convince or convict us as followers of Jesus Christ. 

Several of the authors listed in this section are award winning authors, some have been recognized by  the NY Times and many have had 50 or more books published.  Others have recently begun their career as a writer.They are just  beginning to climb the ladder of success & notoriety. We feel certain that although you may not have yet heard of this particular writer their name will be familiar to many in the not too distant future, simply stated they are good at what they do ! 

Here is a collection of those writers we'd encourage you to get to know.

Authors Books We  Recently Read & Recommend 

Can't Decide Who Or What To Read? Then Take A Look Below choose

Books (Sincerely) Worth Reading Listed By Topic
Alphabetical Listing of Authors Who've Touched Our Hearts & Have Impacted Our Lives
  • We are continually updating this list as we meet & hear of authors " Making A Difference Through Their Writing"





























  1. Hearts That Survive - A Novel About The Titanic by Yvonne Lehman
  2. Blood Line; The John Turnipseed Story by Cecil Murphey
  3. Spoken Moments by Yvonne Lehman (Compiler, Editor)
  4. It Was Just  A Coincidence by Albert Long
  5. Jesus Single Just Like Me by Kris Swiatocho
  6. Foundations for Youth Ministry: Theological Engagement with Teen Life and Culture II  by Dean Borgman
  7. Eagle Child Series by Debbie Polston
  8. Putting Together the Puzzle of the Old Testament by Bill Jones
  9. Putting Together the Puzzle of the New Testament by Bill Jones



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