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Rev. Stan Geyer has pastored numerous churches across America in North Carolina, South Carolina, California and Texas He's also served as International Director of Small Group Ministries under Dr. Lyman Coleman of Serendipity Ministries of Littleton, Colorado.

Stan has been happily married to his beautiful and sweet wife for over 30 years. he has two beautiful grown daughters, one living in Colorado and the other in South Carolina.


What Rev. Stan Geyer Wrote:

  • In the 25+ years, I have been in the pastoral ministry I have found few men with the talent and giftedness of a Tommy Scott Gilmore in developing and implementing student and adult ministries that are second to none. Tommy has been recognized by pastors and church leaders throughout America as a top innovator and trainer in all phases of student and adult ministry. In addition to Tommy's ministry skills and his love for people, he is an excellent husband and father who have always made his family his top priority next to his relationship with the Lord.





Jack Brinkley was the former State Director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) for the state of N. Carolina. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Diana. They have two lovely adult daughters Bekka and Anna. Jack received his graduate degree from the University of West Georgia, Before entering the ministry, he was an extremely successful college football coach helping the University of West Georgia toward a National championship. Valdosta State University win the Gulf South Conference Championship, jack is currently the Director of Sports Outreach.

His comment about Tommy:

  • My knowledge of Tommy Scott Gilmore goes back a while to when he was an outstanding coach and teacher in high school, but more recently for the past ten years or so. I have enjoyed our relationship with numerous lunches and around local sports venues. I can honestly say that he is one of the friendliest, most engaging and sincere people that I have ever met. That is very rare in this day of empty promises and impersonal communication.


  • Tommy has had a varied background, with an excellent mix of technical and practical experiences. He has worked with some excellent ministry people in some fine churches, as well as the event planning side of things. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he can impart to your church or organization. Tommy’s knowledge and motivational skills are invaluable.

Tommy’s greatest assets are honesty, enthusiasm, attention to details, and above all, his love for the Lord Jesus Christ.


  • His faith is always primary to any situation, as he looks for ways to share it with others. Tommy sees the world through the lens of his faith. The wave of the present is marketplace evangelism, and Tommy lives that out every day.
  • An organization looking for a committed, knowledgeable and motivated individual to enhance their ministry programs would do well to utilize the services of Tommy Scott Gilmore. He is a strong, dedicated Christian family man with a servant’s heart completely yielded to Jesus Christ. Guys like Tommy Gilmore do not come along very often. If you have a “NEED “ for a guest speaker, teacher or trainer for your staff and/or volunteers, I would wholeheartedly say, “Here is the man you are looking for!”





Tom G, Huntley recently retired where he was the Assistant General Manager of Ridgecrest Conference Center, the 5th largest Christian Conference Center in America. Tom and Tommy met when Tom volunteered to cook for Rolling Vibrations initial journey on a 2000 + mile bicycle trip through 6 southeastern states on 10-speed bicycles. These athletes shared their faith in bars, campgrounds, churches, civic clubs, colleges, gas stations, and in newspapers, radio stations and television stations. Tom had a distinguished career in many venues but one of the most appreciated is when he was able to utilize his culinary skills ( he has won numerous awards, managed a 4-star restaurant & supervised 2,000 + customers daily).

Tom Huntley’s  comment about Tommy:

  • Tommy is a dynamic speaker, talented leader, and event planner. In addition to planning large events for conferences, he has also honed his skills to create creative events for churches and Christian organizations. His event planning skill set encompasses organization, innovation, relationship building, strong communication skills, proficiency and a talent for planning, development, and implementation.








Dr. Lyman Coleman is one of the pioneers of the small group movement. He is a graduate of Baylor University, where he first became involved in small group ministry through the Navigators and Young Life. At New York University, he wrote his first program for small groups, Growth by Groups, which combines the spiritual disciples of the Navigators with the group accountability of Alcoholics Anonymous. Since the 1960s, Lyman has produced many training courses that have trained over 500,000 people in seminars held throughout North America. Lyman is the general editor of the Serendipity New Testament, the Serendipity Bible for Group and Personal Study, and the Serendipity Student Bible. Has trained more than 500,000 small-group leaders and 60,000 churches have used his small group training materials.

Lyman Coleman had this to say about Tommy:

  • Tommy Scott Gilmore is on the cutting edge of ministry and has developed one of the best small group ministries I have ever seen.

Additional superlatives concerning Tommy’s  work with volunteers

Tommy served as a National Small Group Trainer for Serendipity Ministries when it was based in Littleton, Colorado. It is now owned by Lifeway of the Southern Baptist Convention.






Dr. Lyle Schaller, widely considered by pastors to be the most important and influential observer of church culture during the twentieth century in the United States, died March 18, 2015, at the age of 91. In the 1990s, the Los Angeles Times polled pastors and other church leaders nationwide to determine who had the most influence on their ministries and organizations. Lyle Schaller was listed first in the poll, named more often than any other leader because millions of church leaders read his books and experienced his advice and interventions through more than 6,000 church consultations and hundreds of seminars among congregations and denominations of all types. He was recognized as America’s foremost church and author of 50 + books.   

Dr. Schaller wrote this comment to the leadership of  Crossroads Fellowship of Raleigh ( One of the fastest growing churches in the nation at that time) concerning Tommy’s value to the spiritual & numerical growth of the church at that time in their history

  • “Tommy Gilmore has created one of the most spiritual student ministries I’ve ever seen and his hiring at that time was one of the wisest decisions I have personally witnessed.




At the age of 29, Billy Riggs founded one of America’s fastest-growing churches. Since 1995, he has been delivering his secular presentation, “The Magic of Attitude,” which combines comedy, music, magic, and motivation to spread his positive attitude to more than a million people on five contents. In 2002, the National Speakers Association named him a Certified Speaking Professional. Mr. Riggs has been called “The Dr. Phil of Magic” due to his use of world-class magical illusions to drive his points home. He helps audiences learn to reshape their destinies by eliminating their “Grand Illusions” and embracing even grander truths.

Billy’s comment about Tommy:

  • “When Tommy served on the staff of Crossroads Fellowship in Raleigh (NC) he created one of the most effective, exciting, and Biblical students and parent ministries in the country! Tommy Gilmore has distinguished himself in numerous areas and has impressed me as a man who loves Christ, loves his family, and loves those individuals he ministers too. I’ve rarely met a person so acutely aware of the needs and interests of people (students & adults) or with such a desire to impact their world and relate to them. I’d recommend Tommy to any church or organization without reservation.”




Until the end of 2015, David Horner was the Senior Pastor of Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC.  With twelve other couples, we started the church in 1978 and served there as pastor for thirty-seven plus years.  I grew up in Graham, NC, graduated from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC (1974), then on to prepare for pastoral ministry at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in S. Hamilton, Massachusetts (1977).  Most recently, I completed a Ph.D. at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (2018). In 2016, I began a new ministry called Equipped for Life.  My wife Cathy and I married in 1973 and have three wonderful sons married to three amazing daughters-in-law and have five awesome grandchildren.

  His comment about Tommy: Tommy is a man of great vision and insight into ministry. When I knew him as a partner in ministry, he was very effective in directing a dynamic and growing outreach to students and their families.






  Doug Fields was the youth and teaching pastor for 18 years at Saddleback Church which has a weekly attendance of 20,000 +. He is currently the Executive Director of Home Word’s Center for Youth / Family at Azusa Pacific University, the co-founder of Downloadyouthministry. Doug is also the author of 50+ books covering the genres of Marriage, Family, Parenting, Spiritual Growth, and Youth Ministry. In the Youth Ministry space, Doug is most well known for the award-winning Purpose Driven Youth Ministry (PDYM) which is a youth ministry textbook used all over the world. PDYM has been translated into 20+ languages and Doug has personally taught PDYM in most states and in several countries; Australia, Germany, Philippines, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. Doug’s influence in youth ministry is known around the world (and, even in Wikipedia).

What Doug Fields had to say:

  • “After reading through Tommy Gilmore's training manual for student ministry, I am very impressed! Tommy understands teenagers, volunteers, parents and the community and how they fit into a dynamic aspect of the overall mission of the church. I felt like I was reading a training manual for IBM because everything was both intentional and practical. Tommy's work has inspired me to take a more serious look at how I do ministry."



Rick Caldwell serves as Authentic Manhood Coach/Consultant. For over 15 years, he has been passionately coaching guys and groups on how to effectively use the Authentic Manhood material. Rick is a graduate of Samford University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He and his wife JoNell have been married since 1974, have three adult children and five grandchildren. Rick has a diverse background that includes: traveling nationally as a conference speaker, running a family land development business, and even serving as a senior advisor on a Presidential campaign.

Albert Long of Durham, NC was recently named to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Hall of Champions. Considered one of the greatest athletes in UNC sports history. He is the only athlete in ACC history to letter in four sports.

His comment about Tommy:

I have had the privilege of knowing Tommy Scott Gilmore since the beginning of my days with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)  and have been keeping up with him since. It would take me forever to actually write everything I would like to talk to you about Tommy.





Personally, I believe one of the biggest challenges of anyone involved in ministry is to recruit dependable, vibrant, and skilled volunteers. I was fortunate to have been blessed in numerous churches with volunteers who were very qualified and eager to consistently minister to others. I believe I could share numerous ideas which will help you and your volunteers to maximize their gifts & their time. Here is one of many gifted & hard-working volunteers ….


Scott Smith is President of R.W.S. Construction ( Raleigh, NC). Scott is happily married to his beautiful wife and truly his soul mate. Scott sacrificially served for several years at a deaf hospital for children in Jamaica, Tommy described Scott as an outstanding volunteer who participated on several foreign mission trips, weekly disciplined a group of middle school students and was responsible for logistics for large outreach events (ranging from 300 to 1,000 to citywide student outreaches.

His comment about Tommy:

  • Tommy was the visionary leader of Changing Lives. I learned a tremendous amount working for him for two years. He led a large number of volunteers doing youth ministry. He was responsible for training, leadership development, student activities, budget, creating training materials, and many other things. Tommy executed his responsibilities with passion, integrity, honor, and exceptional competence. I enjoyed working with him during my tenure at Changing Lives. It was challenging as well as rewarding.


Additional superlatives concerning Tommy’s work with volunteers


  • HIs training for volunteers was fun, enjoyable, informative inspirational and practical. Out  of 150 weekly volunteers and 7 interns either furthered their education in ministry related programs or went into full-time ministry,
  • Our strategy of recruiting & training volunteers was featured in the Florida Baptist Witness, a monthly circulation of 45,000 subscribers.
  • At Crossroads fellowship in Asheville, our student ministry volunteers grew from 15 adults to over 150 in a little over 4 ½ years.
  • In every church, (  9 overall ) Tommy served the volunteer-based increased by over 300 %.





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