Serve & Support CLM

Serve & Support CLM

First Things First: Seek God's Plan Through Prayer

  • Is the vision & mission of Changing Lives Ministry based on biblical principles with the ultimate objective to Glorify God and to expand His Kingdom?
  • Is it evident that CLM leadership is genuinely seeking and serving God according to Luke 2:57, I Timothy 4:11-16, Titus 1:6-16 & I Thessalonians 4:1-12?
  • Is God working in & through our ministry changing others lives?  
  • Pray and ask the Lord, if He wants you to financially assist our ministry?
  • If so, how often & to what extent?
  • Give thanks with a grateful heart. Scripture assures us that God will bless the giver and the recipient if both are responding in faith to His prompting.

The Ask -The Biblical Concept Of Asking in Faith 

Nehemiah is the perfect example of a spiritual leader who confidentially & correctly used the biblical concept of "THE ASK" found in Nehemiah 2:4 - 20. Nehemiah had a vision from God (Proverbs 29:18) to restore Jerusalem physically & spiritually. His boldness should not be confused for self-confidence. Nehemiah strongly believed that God had given him a vision and it was his responsibility to recruit, equip & motivate others to help him fulfill that vision for God's glory.

He knew that on his own strength he was incapable of restoring Jerusalem either physically, spiritually or economically, (let alone all 3)  but He believed in his heart that with God on his side anything is possible.

Nehemiah prayed: O Lord, please hear my prayer! Heed the prayers of those of us who delight to honor you. Please help me now as I go in and ask the king for a great favor— put it into his heart to be kind to me…

With a quick prayer to the God of heaven, I replied, “If it please Your Majesty and if you look upon me with your royal favor, send me to Judah to rebuild the city of my fathers!” Then I added this to my request: “If it pleases the king, give me letters to the governors ... instructing them ... also a letter…to the manager of the king’s forest, instructing him to give me timber … and the king granted these requests, for God was being gracious to me. Nehemiah 1:10-2:10

How You Can Support C.L.M.


There are four suggested ways you can support Clm through your donations:

  1. As a Monthly Supporter - by sending a monthly financial gift
  2. As a Kickoff Supporter - by sending a one-time designated financial gift for a special project
  3. As a Program Supporter - by assisting us by increasing our ministry's effectiveness and spiritual impact by underwriting a specific project. Some examples would be providing a scholarship for a mission trip, underwriting a workshop for a small church financially incapable of participating and/or providing a conference scholarship for a pastor of a small church with insufficient funds, etc.)
  4. As a Ministry Multiplier - by assisting our ministry by adding us to your church budget. This is a very effective way to maximize your contribution and church's influence.


When God said, "Go into the entire world..." He meant for us to go. If you can't go then help those who are able to go in your place.  Help them financially and pray for both those who share the message as well as those who will hear the message. Every living person needs to know of God's love, forgiveness, and purpose for their lives.  We are certain  God knew there would be all types of needs, by all kinds of people, from numerous locations worldwide.

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We desire to share how you, your family and your friends may know Him personally. One of the reasons that our prayer ministry exists is to help you do that. Our online prayer ministry also allows us to pray for you while you pray for us. Prayer is simply Christ-followers communicating with God. Prayer is the means by which we bring our requests and needs to God. It is also one of the means by which God gives us instruction on how to grow spiritually and know Him better.

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We are always seeking caring, conscientious, committed and talented individuals who are passionate about being PRAYER PARTNERS for His kingdom.


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