Teaching Ministry

The Focus Of Our Teaching Ministry

is to assist you in deepening your daily walk with God




Our Prayer Is That Our Teaching Workshops

  • will draw you closer to Jesus Christ
  • will deepen your faith, strengthen your character & expand the scope of your witness
  • will enhance your friendship in a way that both you and God long to spend time with each other



We Believe You Will Find Our Teaching and Training Workshops To Be


Our Teaching Sessions & Training Are Designed like to Resemble An Effective Physical Workout

They Will Challenge You
They Will Strengthen You
They Will Improve Your Overall Spiritual Fitness


You Know That In A Race All The Runners Run, But Only One Gets The Prize. So Run To Win
(1 Corinthians 9:24)




Biblically - Based,  Creative,  Enjoyable,  Spiritually Impactful, Culturally &  Spiritually Relevant



Before we share “What We Do” and “Why” we feel it will benefit you, let's talk about something

very important. It is a subject which will immediately enter the minds of most

 of you, if not all of you, which  is “How much is this going to cost me?”


 Like every one of you my staff and I must also purchase gas for our cars, pay our monthly mortgage,

 pay our electric bill and buy groceries for our families (plus our two dogs) but our ultimate desire

is sincerely not to make lots of money but rather to minister to others.  We are

 passionate about never turning any person or organization away due to costs.


Therefore I have adopted the simple but gracious following fiscal policies:

  • Whoever invites me or hosts me and /or a member of my team pays all of our travel expenses (travel, meals & lodging)
  • My (our) speaking, teaching & training honorarium is negotiable.
  • If (As a full - paying participant you did not feel our teaching session or training workshop was spiritually beneficial, well presented and worth your time we will gladly refund your money, allowing you to attend at no cost. This does not apply to any material purchases such as books, tapes, etc. only for your fee).


We offer a plethora of teaching seminars and training workshops “to help you to know” Jesus better and “to help you to grow” spiritually.




Introductory Session on How to Have A Dynamic, Daily Devotional

This one-hour introductory session will focus on 3 areas which invariably result in your success or failure, regarding your spiritual growth. We will ask and answer questions like …?



  • Why is having daily devotionals so difficult to maintain?
  • What are some commonly used excuses for not having devotions?
  • Why are your and my valid excuses so invalid to God’s ears?
  • How can I turn things around?


Advanced Session on How to Have A Dynamic, Daily Devotional

In this two hour advanced session (snacks included) we cover all of the above plus we will walk you through 7 specific ways to have a meaningful daily devotional.  


Advanced Comprehensive Session on How to Study the Scriptures in Depth

During this 4 hour session on how to study the Scriptures in depth (snacks & lunch included) we will discuss the why, what, when, where, and how of having a deeper type of Bible Study . The session concludes with each participant having a personal time with God sharing why he/she will, can’t or won’t make a commitment to God to regularly schedule a time alone with God. This time is solely between God and each individual.

We will also display numerous Bible aids and how to use them more effectively.

  1. A Bible Atlas
  2. A Bible Dictionary
  3. A Bible Encyclopedia
  4. A Commentary
  5. A Concordance
  6. A Devotional
  7. A Harmony
  8. A Lectionary
  9. A Study Bible





Finally, we will learn about the following and spend some time practicing how to do many of the following studies:


  1. A Book Study
  2. A Cause & Effect Bible Study
  3. A Chapter Study
  4. A Character Study
  5. A Chronological Study
  6. A Classic Television Bible Study
  7. A Deductive Bible Study
  8. An Inductive Bible Study
  9. A Marriage Bible Study
  10. A Man of Integrity Bible Study
  11. A Movie Discussion Bible Study
  12. A Parenting Bible Study
  13. A Supportive Caring Group Bible Study
  14. A Thematic Bible Study
  15. A Verse by Verse Analysis Study
  16. A Video ( Pastor or Biblical Scholar Led) Bible Study
  17. A What I am Going Through “Now” Bible Study
  18. A Word Study


Each One, Reach One

This three-hour comprehensive session on how to share your faith. It is jam-packed with all types of exciting & stimulating activities including several non -threatening ways to share your faith. You will also hear & discuss why many individuals do feel comfortable sharing their faith with either non-christian friends or strangers. If you did not notice the sample of participants laughing above, take another glance again. This session is a lot of fun. Snacks & lunch is included

  • This session will also include several biblical examples concerning the why, when, what & how of witnessing.


  • You definitely won't fall asleep as we opened up Our Tool Box bringing out numerous creative ways to express your thoughts, build relationships, participate in creative thinking and meditate on a variety of scriptures pertaining to this session.
  • This relevant & powerful session concludes with an enjoyable, rapid-fire, brainstorming session and some thought-provoking movie clips.








The Heart of a Champion

The Heart of a Champion was written with the athlete in mind, It is written from the perspective of a young athlete analyzing the attributes that Jesus daily displayed in His ministry:  J.e.S.u.S  displayed a formula on how to have the heart of a champion both on the field and off. . This is an interesting study for both present & past Christian athletes and anyone who has not yet met Jesus personally but loves sports. This is a one-hour session with snacks.

Heaven-Shaking Prayers

In this particular session (Approximate time is 2 ½ hours, snacks included ) we will share why prayer is so important to God, our world, your church, your community and to your own relationship with God,  An additional perk will be scheduled times to develop new relationships and to strengthen friendships through fun & enjoyable icebreakers, conversation starters and group activities

Topics we will delve into include :

  • The Prayer Warriors  Personal Life
  • The Prayer Warriors  Prayer Life
  • You will have the opportunity to extensively explore each of the above topics as we discuss the needs, the principles, God’s power, God’s Plan and our willingness or lack of to be more effective and fulfilled through our prayers.

Note: For additional seminars and workshops that deal exclusively with prayer please visit PRAYING. Thank You.



The focus of our Training Workshops is to strengthen your church's specialized ministries. Specifically to maximize the potential of those ministries that involve various ages & stages of life in your church. Our goal is to assist you and your church to achieve the reputation of the place to be.  Whether it be children, student, singles, small group or your senior citizen's ministry we will assist you to create a biblically based, contemporary appealing, weekly event which is exciting, dynamic and spiritually powerful. One which your particular ministry attendees will find both enjoyable and relevant to their struggles.

  Our Ministry Solution's  Workshops Are Creative, Informative & Insightful  

      Our Workshops  Are Designed To Help You Grow Your Church

       Numerically  While Strengthening It Spiritually


Several Areas You Can Choose From Include:

  • Creative Community Outreach Ideas that will become the talk of the community.
  • A Children’s Church like none you have ever seen.
  • A Parent’s Ministry which both parents & students can brag about.
  • A Prayer Ministry that significantly deepens one's faith in God.
  • A Singles Ministry which reaches the down & out, the up & out and the in between
  • A Small Group Ministry where participants feel loved, accepted, forgiven and motivated to be what God intended.
  • A Student Ministry that impacts students lives at church, school, work & home.
  • A Volunteer Ministry that is focused on Changing Others Lives, Personal Growth and a genuine concern for the volunteer not just their contribution.
  • Benefit from knowing your spiritual gifts, personality type & spiritual passion.


          How to Develop An Effective & Supportive Parent’s Ministry





Hear what Doug Fields, Billy Riggs, and  Dr. David Horner has to say about Tommy’s  

            understanding of parents, teenagers and student ministry.


  Looking For A Dynamic Speaker for Your College Student Ministry



  • Hear what  Jack Brinkley ( Past FCA State Director for North Carolina and current Director of Sports Outreach (Asheville, NC)     


              How to Transition Your Youth Group                                         

              from an attitude of what’s in it for me to how can I  reach other teens




                     Hear what Lyle Schaller & Rick Caldwell have to say about Tommy’s depth & creativity


Your Small Group Ministry Can Impact Adult Lives


Tommy served as a national small group trainer for Serendipity Ministries when it was based in Littleton,’s  now owned by Lifeway of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Hear what  Dr. Lyman Coleman has to say about Tommy’s knowledge of small groups.


How To Create & Maintain An Exciting Singles - Minded Ministry


  • Tommy was the Director of  the Single Adult Ministry of  Grace Church of  Eden Prairie, (Mn) It was the largest and most recognized singles ministry in Minnesota at the time                 
  • While in the Greenville - Spartanburg area of South Carolina his singles ministry was the fastest growing singles ministry in the upstate. God blessed it with a  beginning of three single adults and two married couples
  • Selected  Speaker of the Month for Singles Network Ministries ( September of 2016 )


Would you like to have a volunteer ministry which has a reputation for being fun,  enjoyable, and inspirational, Rather than a weekly emotional drain? You can!


  • Our strategy of recruiting & training volunteers was featured in the Florida Baptist Witness, a monthly circulation of 45,000 subscribers. At Crossroads Fellowship in Raleigh, our student ministry volunteers grew from 15 adults to over 150 in a little over 4 ½ years who on numerous occasions ministered to over 1000 + students
  • In every church, Tommy served, his volunteer-based annually increased by 300 %.
  • Hear what Scott Smith has to say about being a volunteer for nearly 8 years under Tommy’s leadership.

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How To Create Jaw-Dropping Community Outreach Events For All Ages


  • Obtained front page news coverage of the Tallahassee Daily News for designing and hosting several creative county-wide outreach events which reached hundreds of unchurched adults, parents, collegians, and students.
  • Hear what Tot Huntley has to say about Tommy as a speaker, leader and event planner.


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